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The Governor's Wellness Award was developed to help organizations of all sizes across the state of Nebraska become recognized for their wellness efforts. The Governor's Wellness Award has recognized over 250 companies with several companies recieving the award more than once since 2008 for their wellness achievements. We are proud to be the administrators and facilitators of this great awards process.

What is the Governor's Wellness Award?

This award was created to encourage all businesses in Nebraska to offer wellness and health programs for their employees.

What are the different award levels?

-The Sower Award for businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

-The Sower Award for businesses with 50 or more employees.

-The Grower Award for businesses with fewer than 50 employees.

-The Grower Award for businesses with 50 or more employees.

The Sower Award is intended to be a stepping-stone to the Grower Award. All award criteria are based on sound research and best practice models. As with agriculture, worksite wellness is an evolutionary process. There is always room for growth and change. The Sower Award plants the seed for wellness.

The Grower Award rewards businesses for changing health behaviors. National awards are available for those that choose to take their wellness program to a higher level. Businesses that have achieved national recognition are “harvesting” financial return on investment.

The Governor’s Wellness Awards have been developed to begin the process of planting, growing, and harvesting a quality, evidence based worksite wellness program. The Sower award has been created for small businesses with limited human and financial resources. Criteria to recognize large businesses and their vast array of services were taken into consideration for this award.

What is the cost to apply?

There is no cost to apply.

How and when will our company be recognized?

All award recipients will be formally notified by the Governor and receive a framed certificate. You will be recognized publicly at WELLCOM's Excellence in Worksite Wellness Luncheon held on November 7th.  In addition, award recipients will be listed on WELLCOM's and the State of Nebraska website. The State of Nebraska will issue periodic press releases announcing award recipients. A media release will be provided in your award packets for use with your local media.

How long will my certification be valid?

Your award is valid for three years, at which time you can reapply. You may upgrade from the Sower to the Grower award anytime your company meets the higher standards.

Who can I contact to find out more information about the application process or wellness programs for my employees?

Contact WELLCOM's Member Services Coordinator, Justin Holes, for more information.  Governor's Wellness Award Application Workshops are available to WELLCOM members. We will help you complete your application, right there during the workshop!  There is no fee to apply for the Award, and the workshop is FREE as well.  Your completed application will be submitted in time for the peer review process! 

How do I apply for the award?

Click on the following link: Governor's Wellness Award. Watch WorkWell's video on how to apply for the award. Go to the login box and click first time user. Follow the directions to register.